Medieval Love

During medieval times, the Church tried its best to impose very strict rules on marital relations between husbands and their wives.
Sexual intercourse was strictly prohibited...


  • For forty days before Christmas
  • Forty days before and eight days after Easter
  • On the eve of all important religious festivals
  • Eight days after Pentecost
  • ...and of course each and every Sunday, Wednesday and Friday was banned!

It became quite a wonder that the human race survived the Medieval period.

It was also prohibited to engage in sexual congress during pregnancy, for thirty days following the birth of a son or for forty days following the birth of a daughter. The period during which any woman had her mentrual period was out of the question as was the period of five days prior to partaking in Communion.

With so few days left in which to indulge themselves, many men took mistresses in order as to not burden their wives with the sin...



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